Expiring cards report

Expiring cards report

The expiring cards report provides you with a list of credit cards that are due to expire. QuickStream will generate the report at the start of each month. You can then upload the report into your system and notify your customers about their expiring credit cards.

The report is plain text using UTF-8 character encoding. All records except the last are separated by the CR LF end-of-line marker. Fields may be enclosed in double quotes. If double quotes enclose a field, then a double quote appearing inside a field is escaped by preceding it with another double quote.

There are two types of records in this file:

Record Type Description
File Header One record at the start of the expiring cards report.
It contains the file headings.
This record will be followed immediately by a Credit Card Detail record.
Credit Card Detail One record for each credit card that is expiring.
There may be many Credit Card Detail records in the file.

The following table describes the data you will receive in the expiring cards report.

Column Column Heading Description
1 CustomerReferenceCode The reference your system provided to QuickVault. For example 12345678.
2 CustomerName The customer name, or the same as CustomerReferenceCode when not provided.
3 CardHolderName The cardholder name. For example Steven Smith.
4 CreditCardNumber The card number. For example 45647xxxxxxx004.
5 CreditCardExpiryDate The expiry date in YYYY-MM. For example 2014-09.
6 CardScheme The card scheme: VI, MC, AX, DI, UP.
7 QuickVaultToken The account token.

Retrieving the report

The file may be retrieved using iLink or available for download in QuickStream Portal.

  • iLink is a web based service that allows you to securely send and receive files.
  • QuickStream Portal is the administrative interface for QuickStream products.

See iLink documentation for more information.

To download a report from QuickStream Portal:

  1. Sign into QuickStream Portal
  2. Click Administration -> Transactions and Reports -> Facility Reports
  3. Your report will appear on this page.
    • Select the download icon to retrieve the expiring cards report.
    • Use the date filters to find older files.