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Merchant Choice Routing Online

Merchant Choice Routing (MCR) Online provides you with the ability to route online payments based on the scheme network with the least cost identified.

Benefits of MCR

The benefits of MCR Online are:

  • Lower transaction fees - by enabling and configuring MCR Online, it's possible to route transactions to the cheapest network which may reduce transaction fees.
  • Ease of integration - once MCR Online is enabled, simply log into your QuickStream portal to activate MCR on your nominated supplier businesses.
  • Flexibility - the merchant is in control as to where the payments are routed and may reduce transaction costs.

How it works

You can choose to:

  • Route all debit card payments to the Eftpos network;
  • Or set a threshold value which allows you to choose which network it routes to, based on whether the transaction amount is less than or greater than the threshold amount. This can be configured separately for Visa and Mastercard. For example, if the threshold value is $30, anything above that you may choose to route to the Eftpos network and anything below it will go to the Visa or Mastercard networks respectively.
  1. All MCR Online rules can be configured by an administrator user.
  2. Login into the QuickStream portal and set up your own rules.
  3. Please contact your relationship manager for more information.

MCR Online is available in the following service modules:


Refunds need to be processed on the same network on which the payment transaction was performed. If a transaction has been processed on a specific scheme network then the refund must go through the same network.

**It is important to note that by enabling MCR Online it does not guarantee you will save on transactions costs. It is up to you to identify whether or not this feature will provide cost savings.

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