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Account token vs. Single use token vs. Security token

Account token

A permanent payment token that replaces card/bank account details. It uniquely identifies a payment account for a customer and can be used to take take API and batch payments. By using an account token you remove the need to store card/bank account details within your environment. It is valid until you disable it. It can be created by a Single use token.

Single use token

A nonce that is created by the Trusted Frame from your web application.

You will collect card/bank account details from a customer then create a Single use token and send it to your server instead of the payment account details. It is valid for 10 minutes. You can use a Single use token to create an Account token (registration of payment details) or take an API payment.

Security token

A secure session token to initialise QuickWeb, QuickConnect and QuickVault Web/Connect. A security token is the result of a secure token request. It is valid for 1 hour.


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