Root API

Root API

This is an object representing the top level of the REST API.

To test your network connectivity and API credentials are working correctly, send a GET to this resource.




Use your Secret API key or Publishable API key to access this resource.

Request body



If successful, this method returns the following in the response body.

Field Format Data
links Array of Links Links to related resources and documentation.
communityCode string The QuickStream community code for your facility.
communityName string The QuickStream community name for your facility.
keyName string The name of the API key you sent.

Root response example

   "links": [],

HTTP status codes

See HTTP Status Codes for more.

Status Code Description More information
200 OK Authorisation succeeded and your software/network can access the API.
401 UNAUTHORIZED Authorisation failed. View more.
403 FORBIDDEN Your facility may not be set up. View more.
407 PROXY AUTHENTICATION REQUIRED This error is returned by your proxy server, not QuickStream. You need to configure a proxy username and password in order to access the internet.