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Setting up your company

  1. Nominate your company administrator.
  2. Signing in for the first time.
  3. Company administration.
  4. Set your company contact details.
  5. Confirm your settlement accounts.
  6. Set up your security settings.
  7. Set up additional users.

Nominate your company administrator

To manage your company on QuickStream you'll need at least one person in your company to act as a Company Administrator.

Your Company Administrator performs a key role and will be responsible for:

  • Confirming your settlement accounts for your company.
  • Creating and maintaining Users including the ability to limit access.
  • Managing your company details.
  • Managing your security/authorisation settings and credentials.

Your Company Administrator is nominated when you sign up for QuickStream and is set up by your bank contact.

Signing in for the first time

To login for the first time you will need your QuickStream new user email. This is sent to the email address you nominated when the company was set up.

To sign into QuickStream, follow the instructions in the QuickStream new user email.

You will be asked to:

  1. Set your security questions and answers.
  2. Set your password.

Company administration

Click Facility Settings in the Administration menu.

Facility Settings is where you manage your:

  • Time zone.
  • Security settings and credentials.
  • Surcharges and transaction limits.
  • Fraud Guard rules.

Click Business Settings in the Administration menu.

Business Settings is where you manage your:

  • Business details.
  • Surcharges applicable for a specific business.
  • View and confirm your settlement accounts.
  • Link American Express and Diners Club merchants.

Set your company contact details

Click Business Settings in the Administration menu, then click Change Business and Contact Details for each business.

Change Business and Contact Details is where you update your contact and address details for each business in your facility.

Confirm your settlement accounts

Click Business Settings in the Administration menu, then click View Settlement Accounts for each business.

You must confirm your settlement accounts are correct.

Set up your security settings

Click Facility Settings in the Administration menu and view the Security section.

Security settings is where you manage your facility's security profile:

  • Create a whitelist of IP addresses that are allowed for Secure Token Requests and QuickGateway Access. Secure Token Requests are supported by QuickWeb and QuickConnect.
  • Create a whitelist of Postback Domains that are allowed for Server-to-server notifications. Server-to-server notifications are supported by QuickTerminal, QuickWeb, QuickConnect, and QuickVoice.
  • Retrieve your credentials to allow your applications to access some QuickStream Modules.
  • Retrieve your API keys to allow your applications to access the REST API.

Setup additional users

Click Users in the Administration menu to manage users in your company.

People who can view accounts and perform tasks such searching and refunding transactions are known as Users.

  • If you want Users to be able to manage transactions, export reports and change settings they need access to QuickStream.
  • You can control which tasks Users have access to.

User roles

As the Company Administrator, you will need to assign a Role for each user you create. This will determine their level of access to perform tasks when using QuickStream.

More than one Role can be assigned to a User. You may also modify a user's access at any time.

Some of the available roles to select are:

Administer Users This user can create and edit users, and give them the same or lesser access than themselves. This is the Company Administrator.
Capture This user can make virtual terminal payments using new or existing account details.
Download Reports This user can view and download reports.
Manage Facility This user has access to facility setup and security settings.
Manage Registrations This user can view, create and edit customers, tokenised accounts and schedules.
Refund This user can search for, view and refund / void transactions.
Search Transactions This user can search for and view, but not take action on transactions.
View Registrations This user can view but not edit customers, tokenised accounts and schedules.

See the QuickStream user guide to manage users in your company.


The information contained in this publication is provided for learning purposes only and is subject to change. Revisions may be issued from time to time that encompass changes or additions to this module.

This is a guide only and it is not comprehensive. It does not impinge on or overrule any formal arrangement you may enter into with the Bank. The Bank and its officers shall not have any liability for any losses of any kind incurred in connection with any action, inaction or decision taken in reliance on the information herein or for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions. In this publication references to the "Bank" are to Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 and to any of its operating Divisions, including BankSA and St.George.