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CSV2 payment response report

The CSV payment response report is sent/retrieved in response to the processing of a CSV2 payment upload file.

File format

The file format is a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file consisting of a single header row followed by a number of payment records.

The current version of the file is 2.

If we make any backward incompatible changes we will release a new version of this file.

The following changes will not result in a new CSV version:

  • Adding new columns to the end of the line.

  • Changing the name of column headings.

  • Changing the length or format of IDs. You can assume IDs we generate will not exceed 255 characters. You should be able to handle IDs of up to 255 characters.

  • Your software must be written to handle these types of changes.

A CSV payment response file will be produced for each input file provided into QuickStream.

Use the QuickStream REST API to download a response file in this format.


  • This report is plain text using UTF-8 character encoding.
  • All records except the last are separated by the CR LF end-of-line marker.
  • Fields containing double quotes and commas must be enclosed in double quotes.
  • If double quotes enclose a field, then a double quote appearing inside a field must be escaped by preceding it with another double quote.
Field Number Field Name Format Description
1 Supplier Business Code Alphanumeric The Supplier Business Code uniquely identifies a Business and Settlement Account in your facility.
2 Transaction Type PAYMENT or REFUND The type of transaction
3 Currency AUD or NZD The currency.
4 Amount Number DDD.CC The amount of the transaction. For example 13.50.
5 Customer Reference Number Alphanumeric The unique identifier for your customer.
6 Payment Reference Number Alphanumeric Your reference for this transaction.
7 Receipt Number Number The unique receipt number for this transaction.
8 Settlement Date Date DD-MM-CCYY The settlement date.
9 Summary Code Number An indicator of if the transaction was approved or declined. See Transaction response codes.
10 Response Code Alphnumeric A response code indicating the reason for the approval or decline. See Transaction response codes.
11 Response Description Alphnumeric A description accompanying the response code. See Transaction response codes.
12 End-to-end ID Alphnumeric For PayTo payments, the value of the End-to-end ID that was provided in the upload file.

The following is sample file

Supplier Business Code,Transaction Type,Currency,Amount,Customer Reference Number,Payment Reference Number,Receipt Number,Settlement Date,Summary Code,Response Code,Response Description
SUPCODE,PAYMENT,AUD,10.00,CUSTOMERA,PAYMENTA,321654987,2032-01-01,0,08,Honour with identification
SUPCODE,PAYMENT,AUD,10200.00,CUSTOMERA,PAYMENTB,654987321,2032-01-01,1,05,Do not honour
SUPCODE,REFUND,AUD,100.33,CUSTOMERA,PAYMENTC,123456789,2032-01-01,1,51,Not sufficient funds
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