QuickStream Documentation

QuickStream is a secure, cloud-based platform for creating innovative solutions that enables you to efficiently manage your receivables and reconciliation.

QuickStream REST API

QuickStream’s REST API makes it easy to integrate into QuickStream’s core functionalities such as taking payments, scheduling payments and tokenising cards. The API is RESTful and based on open standards which allows the flexibility to use any web development language whilst also reducing development time.


A file interface for processing batch credit card and bank account transactions.


A transparent redirect payment solution that integrates into your own online payment flow.


Take credit card and bank account payments via a virtual terminal using QuickStream Portal. Suited to organisations that want the flexibility to process one-off payments from anywhere within the organisation such as service desks, call centres or accounts departments.

See QuickTerminal User Guide.


Manage credit card payments with real-time approval via a payment API. Suited to organisations that are looking for a flexible and customised credit card payment solution that requires minimal changes to existing processes.

QuickStream Portal

QuickStream Portal is the administrative interface for all QuickStream products. QuickStream Portal has been developed to be the platform for all QuickStream modules. Manage your payments, security profile, fraud rules, customers and contact details.

See QuickStream Portal User Guide.


A service that allows you to store a customer’s credit card details or bank account details securely outside of your system.


Take payments over the phone using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology.


QuickRec enables enhanced bank statement information conforming to global standards. Bank Statements can be received by any financial or ERP systems straight through to enable automated bank reconciliation.


Take one-time, recurring and invoice payments online from a secure Westpac hosted website that uses your company branding. Suited to organisations that are looking to accept online payments without compromising their brand presence or developing in-house technology.


Westpac Integrated Banking Services (WIBS) allows straight through connectivity to the bank.

See WIBS Guides.

Electronic Chargebacks

Receive charge-backs electronically with optional transaction matching.

See eChargebacks User Guide

Fraud Guard

Set up transaction suspension rules to reduce potential fraud on internet transactions.


Notifications may be sent to you customers via email or SMS for payment events

See Technical Implementation Guide.


A regular payment collection system providing automatic payment collection from credit cards or bank accounts.