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CSV payment response report

The CSV payment response report is sent/retrieved in response to the processing of a CSV payment upload file.

File format

Card Payments Only
Account Tokens Supported
Pre-Auth Not Supported

This format supports only card payments.

This report is plain text using UTF-8 character encoding. All records except the last are separated by the CR LF end-of-line marker. Fields may be enclosed in double quotes. If double quotes enclose a field, then a double quote appearing inside a field is escaped by preceding it with another double quote.

Column Value Description
A Transaction Number A unique reference for a transaction.
B Date The day on which this transaction was considered to have been processed. See Transaction Settlement for more. DD MMM YYYY format.
C Receipt Number Receipt number to display to customers.
D Merchant ID A reference to the supplier business you wish to process the payment for.
E Account Number The masked card number, or an account token.
F Customer Number Your customer's number.
G Amount The transaction amount.
H Response Code The response code from the transaction processing.
I Response Description Description for the Response Codes.

Sample file

Transaction Number,Date,Receipt Number,Merchant ID,Account Number,Customer Number,Amount,Response Code,Response Description
PAYMENT1,17 Apr 2018,1224672314,MYSUPPLIER,400000...010,,100.41,08,Honour with identification
PAYMENT2,17 Apr 2018,1224672322,MYSUPPLIER,400000...093,,10.49,91,Issuer or switch is inoperative
PAYMENT3,17 Apr 2018,1224672332,MYSUPPLIER,400000...192,,50.00,05,Do not honour
PAYMENT4,17 Apr 2018,1224672342,MYSUPPLIER,400000...291,,100.00,04,Pick-up card
PAYMENT5,17 Apr 2018,1224672352,MYSUPPLIER,400000...390,,2100.79,01,Refer to card issuer
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