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Reset your password

Reset password via email

Enter your email address and the verification code below.

  1. You will be asked to verify your email address and the security questions that you entered the first time you signed in.
  2. You will be sent an email with your login name and a temporary password.

All information with a asterisk is mandatory.

Enter the verification code below.

Ask your administrator to unlock/reset your password

Your client administrator should:

  1. Sign-in to QuickStream.
  2. Click on Administration.
  3. Click on Users.
  4. Select your user.
  5. Click "Reset Password".

You will receive an email with your login name and password.

Contact Westpac

If you are unable to do either of the above options, you can have someone from Westpac identify you and send an email to You can contact your relationship manager, client enquiry manager or call 1300 726 370.