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Customer snapshot file

You may wish to reconcile the customer details in QuickStream with the details stored in your system. This is helpful when changes are made to customer details, recurring payments or their accounts by other QuickStream products. For example, if you have QuickTerminal Recurring or QuickWeb Recurring then new schedules and accounts may have been created for your customers during a day. QuickStream can send a Customer Snapshot File. This file contains all the details of your customers, their accounts and their recurring payments in QuickStream. This file is sent daily at 01:00 AEST, and contains a full listing of our customer database.

This is an optional feature and you must request this during your Westpac implementation project with your Qvalent resource.

File format

The Customer Snapshot File is a comma-separated value (CSV) file. The following table describes the fields in the file format. This file can be used to keep your systems in sync with QuickStream as changes are made to your customer's set up.

Detail record

Each record describes information about your customer with their accounts and associated payment schedules. Each line has customer and account information. Applicable accounts will also have payment schedule information.

Field Name Description Sample Value
CustomerNumber Unique customer number. CUSTOMER1
CustomerName The customer name. John's Cakes
Status The status of the customer. One of: ENABLE, DISABLE.
EmailAddress The customer's contact email address.
PhoneNumber The customer's contact phone number. Where your solution requires notifications to the customer via SMS, this phone number must be a mobile phone number. +61421559774
AddressLine1 The first line of the customer's address. Unit 11
AddressLine2 The second line of the customer's address. Level 31
AddressLine3 The third line of the customer's address. Sunset Blvd
City The city name of the customer's address. Sydney
State The state of the customer's address NSW
PostalCode The postal code of the customer's address. 2000
Country The country of the customer's address. Australia
PreferredNotificationMedium The preferred notification medium for the customer. One of: EMAILANDSMS, EMAIL, SMS, NONE.
AccountIdentifier The unique account identifier allocated by QuickStream. Use this value to match up the account used by a recurring payment. 123456781
AccountToken The QuickVault account token. TOKEN1
AccountStatus The status of the account. One of: ENABLE, DISABLE
AccountName For a card account, this is the Cardholder Name. For a bank account, this is the Account holder Name. John Smith
CreditCardNumber The masked card number for card acccounts 424242xxx242
ExpiryDate The expiry date for card acccounts An expiry date in format MMyyyy where MM is the two digit month, and yyyy is the four digit year. For example, January 2019 is 012019. 012019
BSBNumber The BSB number for bank accounts. 032-002
AccountNumber The bank account number for bank accounts. 123465
PaymentScheduleId A unique identifier for the recurring payment schedule. 12345678
RecurringPaymentStatus The status of the recurring payment schedule. One of: ENABLE, DISABLE ENABLE
Description Short description of the payment schedule. Open ended schedule with daily card payments of AUD 50.00
Frequency The frequency of the recurring payment schedule. This is the frequency that the regular payment amount will be attempted as a transaction. One of: DAILY, WEEKLY, FORTNIGHTLY, MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, SIXMONTHLY, YEARLY. WEEKLY
NextPaymentDate The date of the next payment on the schedule. A value date in the format dd MMM yyyy. For example, 01 January 2016 is represented as 01 Jan 2016. 01 Jan 2016
RegularPaymentAmount The regular amount payment for the schedule. A non-zero, positive dollar amount in the format 0.00. For example, 10.00, 100.50, 1000.75, 100000.00 etc. 100.50

Sample file

This sample file lists one customer with one account and a weekly payment schedule.

Customer Number,Customer Name,Customer Status,Email Address,Phone number,Address Line 1,Address Line 2,Address Line 3,Address Line 4,City,State,Post Code,Country,Notification Medium,AccountID,Account Token,Account Status,Account Name,Masked CC Number,Expiry Date,BSB,Masked Account Number,Plan ID,Payment Status,Description,Frequency,Next Payment Date,Payment Amount
"JOHNSMITH","John B. Smith","ENABLE","","+61421559774","Unit 11","Level 31","Sunset Blvd","Sydney","NSW","2000","EMAIL""JOHNSMITH","123456781","","ENABLE","John Smith","424242xxx242","012019","","","123456781","ENABLE","","WEEKLY","01 Jan 2016","50.00"

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