QuickStream Technical Support

During the implementation and testing phase, all support will be provided by the person nominated to assist you. However, after migrating to Production, support will be provided via a more formal process.

Application Service Status

Gather information to help us support you

Prior to contacting support, we recommend that some basic steps be performed:

  1. Use QuickStream to try to determine the cause of the issue. If you have access to search for transactions, find the transaction(s) and note their Receipt Number(s).
  2. Find your community code. Your Community Code is found in the top right corner of each page in QuickStream Portal, under the header next to your Full Name.
  3. Find your login name. Your login name is used to sign in to QuickStream.
  4. Get as much information about the problem as possible. This may provide further clues and will be required by the support team. For example: a. date/time of issue, b. actual errors on screen/email, c. last four digits of card/bank account in use if applicable.

What’s next?

If the troubleshooting does not resolve a production issue, contact support as follows:

Priority Description Contact
Urgent issues The system is unavailable or a serious malfunction is occurring. Contact QuickStream Technical Support phone number (24 hrs/7 days) 1300 726 370. They will ensure you are able to get in contact with the appropriate person to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Less urgent issues Issues that may be handled during normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sydney Time) Contact QuickStream Technical Support by email quickstream@qvalent.com.
Forgotten passwords QuickStream is not recognising your password or you wish to reset it. See the Forgotten Password procedure page.
Other issues For all other issues, refer to the User Guide. See QuickStream Portal User Guide